Darragh Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer

Darragh has worked with the Hearing and Speech Center since 1994. He began at the Center as a volunteer, and since then has held multiple roles including Billing Associate, Marketing Manager, Chief Operating Officer and most recently Chief Executive officer – a role he has held since 2007. Darragh is passionate about creating a center that is fully holistic in its approach to hearing and speech issues. He believes those issues are not simply medical in nature, but are also often social justice issues, with far ranging complications and obstacles in life. His work is focused on building community and creating models of service that support community in the most relevant ways for those in need – particularly those who do not have the financial resources to access comprehensive hearing health services. Darragh has been a leading advocate to find, create and promote more affordable hearing solutions and care systems for the general public. He has been honored by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors for his work, has served on the Western Addition Steering Cohort, is a member of the National Association of Speech and Hearing Centers and currently serves on the Alumni Committee of Leader Spring and the advisory board of LesserSound. Darragh lives with his wife and daughter in Marin County. He enjoys mountain biking, hill walking and the outdoors in his spare time.

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