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Chatterbugs Preschool continues to provide an exemplary educational environment for children ages 1.5 to 5 years of age with hearing loss and communication challenges. We know that young children, especially those under the age of three, learn best through relationship based care and quality environments. The home visits and primary care model we started last year continue to support children and families. In the toddler classroom, parents participate in the Monday/Friday class and are supported with strategies to help their child learn routines and strategies to help them access the curriculum and increase their success in both a school and home environment. All of the classes support children with independence, peer interaction, and self‐confidence so the students can move towards accessing the curriculum independently. Our program continues to be one of the most comprehensive education resources in San Francisco for young children with hearing loss, and is a particularly vital resource for those who come from low‐income families increasing their developmental outcomes.
Want to learn more? Contact Kathy Gallagher at kathy@hearingspeech.org
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