Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jim Canty

Retired from Pillsbury Winthrop, LLP

Paola Casey

Physical Therapist, community volunteer

Tom Engel, Chair

Otolaryngologist, SF ENT Medical Group

Susan Hambrecht

Accounting clerk, W.R. Hambrecht

Margo Hart

Retired HR executive, Apple

Jim Jones, Vice Chair

Venture Capital Investor, Scale Venture Partners, parent of a child with hearing loss

Karen Kennedy

Small business owner, volunteer, and parent of former HSC student

Betty Kimble

Retired, community volunteer

Dr. Charles Limb

Otolaryngologist, professor, and Director of the UCSF Cochlear Implant Center

Tom Marlow

Retired engineer, Bechtel

Jan Minar, Secretary

Broker Associate, PacificUnion

Kirsten Nusser

Graphic designer

Martha Peterson

CPA, self-employed

Mike Simmons

Entrepreneur, Founder of What If Widgets; Director of Product Design at

Myles VanderWeele

Principal, Bingham Osborn & Scarborough, parent of a child with hearing loss

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