Navigating Insurance

Understanding Your Insurance Options

First, congratulations on taking charge of your hearing and speech care. To help the process move as smoothly as possible, start with understanding your insurance coverage. As you are probably aware, insurance can be very complicated to understand. Is the provider you are seeing in-network or out-of-network? Do you have a co-pay? Have you met your deductible yet?  Is an authorization needed or will a referral be sufficient?  The answer to these questions can greatly affect what your out of pocket expenses will be. Call your insurance company and ask these questions and make sure to follow up if anything is unclear.

If you wish to come to the HSCNC for services, we would like you to know how we work with your insurance. Please contact our office or your insurance provider for clarification.

Do You Need Services but Have No Insurance Coverage?

If you are on a limited income or are not working you may qualify for benefits from the State of California.  Please visit these websites to see if you qualify and how to enroll for coverage:

If you don’t qualify for State benefits, there are still programs for low-cost hearing aids through Ear of the Lion and EPIC, or you can contact us for more information about our Hearing Enhancement Program.

We also offer a sliding scale fee for our services. Contact our front desk for an application form.

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