Education & Counseling Programs

Programs for Children

Our programs serve children with hearing loss and communication challenges from birth through age 18, and families are included! The purpose of providing ongoing services is to ensure that children and families always have access to help with they need it and have access to a community that empowers its members. Infants…

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Programs for Adults

We aim to increase the early identification of hearing loss, support participants in accepting this loss, and connect them to services that can provide treatment and help them to thrive. We partner with senior-focused organizations and community centers throughout the Bay Area to provide free hearing screenings and other important services to…

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Communication Modalities

There are several different types of communication modalities within the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community. Which you choose for will depend on various factors. Our counselors can help you understand more about each option and can arrange visits to schools that offer each modality. While the Hearing and Speech Center does house an auditory-oral school, we…

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