Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California is committed to providing patients in need of amplification with a wide selection of digital hearing aids designed for all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets. We believe quality products deliver the best solutions, so we’ve partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure your hearing aids reconnect you with friends and loved ones so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California offers the widest selection of hearing aids in San Francisco. We work with the following manufacturers to provide you with a custom, first-rate solution for your hearing loss.


Oticon has been putting people first since 1904. What sets Oticon’s devices apart is their BrainHearing™ technology, which allows users to hear better with less effort. Brain-focused hearing devices are able preserve natural noise quality in speech recognition, which result in improved user satisfaction. The Oticon Opn™ is an innovative new hearing device that lets you hear exactly what you want to hear, even in the most complex listening environments.


Phonak is has been passionate about creating hearing solutions since 1947 that change people’s lives, enabling them to thrive socially and emotionally. The Belong™ platform combines superior hearing performance with progressive battery technology. Each device contains a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery capable of providing 24 hours of power from a single charge. The rechargeable battery creates an easy handling experience and eliminates the hassle of disposable batteries.


ReSound was the first to offer Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Digital Feedback Suppression, innovations in sound processing that have led to reduced distortion and better sound quality. Based on more than 70 years’ creating innovative hearing solutions, ReSound has taken this knowledge and developed Smart Hearing technology. With the goal of creating a natural listening experience, this technology combines their expertise in audiology, connectivity, apps and design to empower those with hearing loss to experience, connect and communicate.


Widex created the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid and remains on the forefront of technology with breakthroughs in wireless connectivity. Widex hearing aids go beyond sounding spectacular; they look spectacular, too. They are designed to combine technology with functionality and aesthetics. Every Widex hearing aid is crafted to work, perform and sound as close to perfect as possible. Widex BEYOND™ is the best sounding made-for-iPhone® hearing aid available.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is much more than the hearing aids they produce; they are in the business of connecting people and changing lives. Starkey now offers Made-for-iPhone devices like the Halo iQ™ and Halo 2™. Available in both RIC and BTE styles, this technology allows you to stream phone calls and music from your phone, delivers pristine sound and help you better understand conversations in any noise environment. Starkey also offers invisible devices with the SoundLens series.

Signia (Siemens)

Siemens is known for creating quality hearing solutions; now it will be doing so under the Signia brand. The all new Pure line combines discreet design with natural sound. The Pure 10 Nx boasts an ultra-small design, outstanding speech understanding in noise and a remote control option, while the Pure Charge&Go offers the most natural own voice, long-lasting high quality audio streaming and Bluetooth connectivity.


Unitron is a global company that designs and manufactures really great hearing aids. That’s what they do. Powered by Tempus, the Stride M R, Moxi Fit R and Moxi All R make up Unitron’s family of rechargeable hearing aids. An overnight charge can give your hearing aid power for an entire day. Simply remove the hearing aids from the charging base, put them on and go; there is no fuss and no buttons to press.

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