Hearing Aid Financing

Your sense of hearing is an important part of your overall health, but top-notch hearing loss treatment can put a strain on your budget. At Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California, providing our patients with the best treatment options and technologies is really important to us, and we don’t want cost to get in the way of your hearing health and happiness. That is why we offer financing options through HealthiPlan.

HealthiPlan is a hearing aid financing program that allows you to invest in quality hearing devices while sticking to your budget. Its flexible line of credit allows you to pay off your hearing aids in convenient, affordable monthly installments. The exact terms of your HealthiPlan plan will depend on the devices you’re buying, the amount you’re spending and the payment options offered to patients in Northern California. Most HealthiPlan purchases allow for interest-free payments during a specified period of time.

Applying for HealthiPlan is quick and easy. It can be done online or over the phone. Once you’re approved, you can begin using your line of credit whenever you’re ready. It’s important to understand the terms of your financing program clearly to get the most out of your payment plan. You won’t see any charges on your account until you make a purchase using your HealthiPlan account.

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