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Hearing Aids

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Simply put, hearing aids are devices that amplify sound to help improve hearing. While no device can restore hearing, hearing aids work very well when fitted and adjusted appropriately. Hearing aids come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from tiny instruments that fit deep into the ear canal to amplifiers that are…

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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California is committed to providing patients in need of amplification with a wide selection of digital hearing aids designed for all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets. We believe quality products deliver the best solutions, so we’ve partnered with the industry’s top manufacturers to ensure your hearing aids…

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Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids benefit a majority of the 48 million Americans who have been diagnosed with hearing loss. They all serve the same basic function – amplifying sounds in order to help you hear more clearly – but the similarities end there. Hearing aids are available in a wide range of styles and sizes; you’ll need…

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Bone Anchored Hearing Device

Bone Anchored Hearing Device, is a surgically implanted hearing device that bypasses the auditory canal and middle ear, relying instead on direct bone conduction to transmit sound. It consists of a titanium implant, an external abutment and a sound processor. The sound processor transmits sound vibrations to the implant, and the bones of the skull…

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Assistive Listening Devices

People with hearing loss may benefit from hearing aids, assistive listening devices (ALD) or both. Hearing aids must be fitted and programmed by an audiologist. ALDs can benefit people with hearing loss in activities of daily life. An ALD might increase the volume of your telephone, alarm clock, television, or amplify a speaker’s voice in…

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Hearing Aid Maintenance & Repair

Hearing aids are built to provide many years of useful service. However, regular exposure to a harsh environment means they will occasionally encounter problems. No matter how fastidious you are when it comes to hygiene, the ear canals inevitably attract dirt, moisture and earwax buildup, all of which can wreak havoc with the electronic components…

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Hearing Aid Financing

Your sense of hearing is an important part of your overall health, but top-notch hearing loss treatment can put a strain on your budget. At Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California, providing our patients with the best treatment options and technologies is really important to us, and we don’t want cost to get in…

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Hearing Aid FAQ

I’ve just been diagnosed with hearing loss. Do I need hearing aids? It depends on your type and degree of hearing loss. The majority of patients suffer from sensorineural hearing loss, resulting in permanent damage to the inner ear. Fortunately, hearing aids can help most of these individuals communicate more effectively. There are so many…

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