Back to School! Changes and Growth at the Center’s Preschool

It’s been a summer of growth and change for the renamed Chatterbugs Preschool here at the Hearing and Speech Center! With the addition of a new classroom, new teacher, and new name, we are incredibly excited to watch our preschool become a leader in early childhood education.

The new name, Chatterbugs Preschool, was created by one of our very own preschool teachers and speaks volumes to the importance of language in the school’s curriculum. By being chatterbugs we encourage students to explore and engage in communication in all areas of the school program. Starting at age two and a half, students have daily art and music classes as well as movement classes in partnership with Jamaroo. Through this curriculum children develop social skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, reasoning skills, coping skills and problem solving skills.

Our early childhood special educator, ReGina Chavez, also provides an exemplary educational environment for children under 3 years of age with hearing loss and communication challenges. We know that young children especially those under the age of three learn best through relationship based care and quality environments. The home visits and primary care model we started this year continues to support children and families. We offer classes 5 days a week for children 18‐36 months of age. Parents participate in the Monday/Friday class and are supported with strategies to help their child learn routines and strategies to help them access the curriculum and increase their success in both a school and home environment. All of the classes support children with independence, peer interaction, and self‐confidence so the students can move towards accessing the curriculum independently.

By enrolling children in a preschool program like Chatterbugs Preschool, they receive a foundation in academics, social interaction skills, and build self-esteem and self-confidence. The expertise in early childhood and special education each of our teachers bring to their students and children with hearing loss or communication delays makes Chatterbugs Preschool unique. Additionally, because of the diverse staff at the Center, children have access to speech therapists, counselors, and audiologists who can help them navigate challenges now and years in the future.

Our Chatterbug School is designed for limited enrollment to deliver instruction which can focus on individual needs of students. Its mission is to provide an environment where all children and families feel a sense of belonging and involvement. If you are interested in enrolling in the school please contact to set up a tour today!

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