De-Fogging Your Clear Mask

Masks for Sale!

The Hearing and Speech Center is now selling clear masks! Our masks are fully adjustable and tie behind your head rather than around your ears. This makes them ideal for hearing aid users since the ties will not interfere with any BTE styles of hearing aids. Masks come in size large or size small. We recommend a size small for children, and a large for adults.

To wear your mask place the loop at the crown or back of your head. Gently tug on the loose ends until the mask tightens comfortably around your face. Finally tie the loose ends around the base of your neck!

Masks can be purchased over the phone or at the front desk at the Center and are $20 each.

De-Fogging Your Mask

While clear masks are a crucial tool for communication, they come with their challenges. The main complaint from users is how they fog up almost instantly. Luckily there is a simple solution! All you’ll need is dish soap (any brand will do!) and a q-tip. Simply spread a thin layer of dish soap onto your mask and allow it to dry. Gently wipe off any residue and your mask won’t fog up! This will need to be repeated after washing your mask and may need to be repeated during the day.

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