Divisadero Art Walk

The Hearing and Speech Center will be showing our artwork for the Divisadero Street Art Walk, Thursday, June 26th, from 6pm to 8pm. If you missed the Let Art Speak event, this is your chance to see the artwork!

Art Work By:

Gita Abumohor
Maria Eugenia Akel
Amanda R Block
Beniamino Bufano
Donna Casey
Laurie Chase
Verity Dierauf
Monica Gomez Pizarro
Eliette Guerrero
Silvia Guzman
Paola Honores
Ako Jacintho
Shari LaLonde
Thom Pastrano
Paulina Restovic
Sally Segal
Joel Tesch
Dice Tsutsumi
Rose Mary Wallace

and the children of the Hearing and Speech Center.

$10 suggested donation
Art sales benefit the Hearing and Speech Center

Capricorn Framing
 will offer a 15% discount on framing for art purchased from the Hearing and Speech Center.

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