Giving Back – Resonance Gala 2019

Thank you to all those who donated to, and attended the Hearing and Speech Center’s 5th annual Resonance Gala on Friday, May 10th at the St. Francis Yacht Club. A special thank you to our top sponsors: ReSound (Platinum), Starkey (Gold), and Widex (Silver)! With the support of all those who donated, our programs at the Hearing and Speech Center will continue to serve those who do not have access to hearing and communication healthcare. The Hearing and Speech Center strives to be the leaders in our industry by building replicable programs to set new standards on how we as educators, speech pathologists, audiologists, and counselors respond to the needs of the community. Please enjoy a short video which shows a glimpse of the lives we touch here at the Center.





Gladys Thacher                                           Tom & Bev Marlow
Kathleen McNulty                                       James & Sarah Jones
Dr. Charles Limb – UCSF                             Elizabeth Kimble
Darragh Kennedy & Yvonne Curley          Dan Frandy & Karen Murray Kennedy
Mark Backer & Roger Sleight                     Ken Callander & Karen Frank
Julia Cheng                                                  Robert & Diane Hales
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