Even with a well-fit hearing aid, communication can still present a problem for many hard of hearing individuals. H.E.A.R. U is an education series of information about hearing health and ways to better utilize hearing aids and get tips/strategies to maximize communication. Our series of four sessions, taught by Hearing and Speech Center audiologists cover four main areas:

1) Introduction to Audiology/Hearing Loss

2) Introduction to Amplification/ Troubleshooting hearing aids

3) Hearing Aid Accessories/Assistive technologies

4) What else can I do? (Communication Strategies, auditory brain training, support groups)

Be a successful hearing aid user and communicator! The HEAR U series is sponsored and offered free of charge to participants.

Upcoming Session Dates:

Tuesday January 7,  14, 21, and 28, 2014

For further information contact:

Mandy Burke, Au.D. Clinical Audiologist

(415) 921-7658 ext. 34 or mburke@hearingspeech.org

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