Meet our 2019 Resonance Gala Honorees

SonicCloud’s technology has been hailed by hearing industry experts, thought leaders, and technology publications.  Fast Company honored SonicCloud as a “World Changing Idea” in its April 2018 issue, and for its “Trailblazing Design” in its October 2018 issue. Apple invited SonicCloud to its 2017 Worldwide Developer conference as the only Hearing app, and SonicCloud was the only outside company that was invited to speak at Google’s Accessibility Week in 2017.

The isolation many people suffering from hearing loss experience — from the anxiety this invisible disability brings in family or social settings, to the terror endured in the workplace—is a motivating force for those at the company.  For that reason, SonicCloud intends to remain in the vanguard of the revolutionary transformations taking place in the hearing assistive technology landscape today.

For more information about SonicCloud watch the following two videos as Larry Guterman describes just how accessible and incredible the technology of SonicCloud really is.

Sean Hayes & Larry Guterman Discuss SonicCloud

SonicCloud on Dr. Oz

This year we will honor Larry Guterman and Sachin Khanna of Sonic Cloud at the Resonance Gala for their dedication to creating innovative assistive hearing technology for those with hearing loss.


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