SoundBite Hearing Device information session

When: Tuesday, June 17 and Wednesday, June 18, 5:30-7pm

The Hearing and Speech Center of Northern California is excited to announce that we are now offering new hearing technology designed for individuals with single-sided deafness and conductive hearing loss.

The SoundBite hearing device is:

  • nearly invisible, aesthetically discreet and easy to wear
  • the world’s first non-surgical, removable, rechargeable hearing solution to use bone conduction to treat single sided deafness and conductive hearing loss
  • Clinically proven to improve your ability to hear and understand speech, even in noisy environments

HSCNC and Sonitus Medical are hosting 2 free educational seminars complete with an opportunity for you to experience SoundBite hearing. We invite you to come learn more about the SoundBite Hearing System and the opportunity to learn more about your potential for insurance reimbursement and the variety of flexible purchase plans available. Due to individual product demonstrations, space is limited. Please RSVP today to secure your reservation.  RSVP to Jessie – or (415) 921-7658 EXT 31.

If you wish to learn more, visit Sonitus Medical’s website

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