Struggling with Tinnitus?

When Tinnitus or Hyperacusis first begins, most people are concerned and seek information as to the cause. They worry about whether it is a sign of something “bad” which causes significant distress. Curious and concerned patients come to our clinic to get detailed information and strategies for reducing the impact of their tinnitus. Patients who are very bothered by their tinnitus require further treatment to reduce the stress and improve their coping abilities. Everyone’s tinnitus is unique and we all have different circumstances which affect the impact the tinnitus can have on our lives, thoughts, emotions, hearing, sleep, and concentration.

An audiologist specializing in tinnitus will work with a patient, using a comprehensive and integrative approach to establish an appropriate and customized treatment plan. Our goals include:

  • Resolve outstanding medical issues
  • Protect residual hearing
  • Provide realistic expectations
  • Facilitate habituation using a combination of sound therapy and counseling/education
  • Reinforce changed perception of tinnitus

The Tinnitus Support Group typically meets the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10:00-11:30 AM at the Hearing and Speech Center. Current information on tinnitus treatments is presented along with a discussion of coping strategies.

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