Your Support Makes a Difference!

Communication is a right, not a luxury.

Communication can have a huge impact on a person’s ability to succeed in school, secure employment, and work through barriers that they may encounter in day-to-day life. People who aren’t able to access hearing services that they need are at risk for isolation and depression, and may have trouble getting a job or even finding somewhere to live.

Poverty is a problem around the world, including right here in the Bay Area, and many people with communication challenges need extra support to break this cycle. It is very troubling that most clinics and hearing aid providers only offer services and devices to those who can pay the full cost.

Income should not be a barrier to accessing care. We are writing to ask for your support, so we can eliminate this barrier for thousands across the Bay Area.

In San Francisco, the Hearing and Speech Center is one of the only places where patients from low-income households can access care. We provide hearing aids, help deaf adults access interpreters and understand their rights in the workplace, and so much more. Every day, we see children, adults, and families who would be unable to access hearing care, speech therapy, or support services anywhere else.
We need your help to do this. Your donation enables us to provide these vital services. Your donation can change someone’s life or get them started on the path to success. Please join us on our mission to provide truly comprehensive care to all in need!

P.S. For many, the need is urgent. People seeking care should not need to wait another day to receive services. If you believe in equal access for all, please take action today!

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