We Heart Our Clients!

The Hearing and Speech Center staff is dedicated to providing high quality care to all individuals, regardless of age or income level. Since 2014, we have hosted We Heart Hearing every February and Hear for the Holidays every December, where we provide absolutely free audiological services. These services include hearing screenings, hearing aid checks, Assistive Listening Device (ALD) demonstrations, and other free resources.

Our audiologists and staff love giving back to the community and providing individuals with free life-changing services. “Because of our partnership with Widex, we were able to provide free hearing aids at Hear for the Holidays for individuals who were not previously able to afford these devices because of barriers with their insurance companies,” Clinical Practice Manager, Jessie Johnson, said. Even with insurance coverage, basic necessities like hearing aid batteries can be too expensive for many of our clients. Our free audiology service days is an opportunity for individuals across the Bay Area to come in and receive necessary resources for free.

Hear for the Holidays and We Heart Hearing is an easy way for people to learn more about hearing loss and start receiving services they need to help them improve their communication. “Many people who are experiencing hearing loss do not know what their options are for service, or where to start. The Hearing and Speech Center is here to make sure that people of all ages are able to receive access to hearing tests, hearing aids or Assistive Listening Devices, education, and counseling; making the Center a great place for people to start receiving access to care,” Jessie explained.

Our team of audiologists listen carefully to every patient’s story, and gives them the personalized care and plan they need to achieve their goals. We love our clients and make it a priority to serve the individual needs of our community!

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