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Adult Counseling

One may find that talking to a friend is not enough. A friend can be empathetic but may not have a clue about what it’s like to be a hard of hearing or deaf person in a hearing world. Talking to a specifically trained counselor for the deaf and hard of hearing can be helpful. This counselor can listen to your strong and overwhelming feelings such as your grief and fear of change. A counselor can offer you a chance to explore and find ways to accept the losses within yourself. A counselor can teach you how to self-advocate and let others know what your communication needs are.

We have a special group of counselors on staff who have the training background, experience and skills to counsel deaf and the hard of hearing. These counselors do understand that being Deaf, hard of hearing or late deafened is a unique experience that a hearing world cannot comprehend or imagine. We also have a background in mental health that enables us to assess you to determine if you need to be referred out for further assistance or medication.

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After making a scheduled appointment, the client will meet with a counselor in a private room. The counselor would listen and ask many questions to get a better understanding of what issues and problems you’re struggling with. All information is kept confidential. After collecting information, assessment and audiogram, the counselor would discuss with you the resources that are available, information about technology and what to expect from counseling. These services are based on a sliding fee scale. No one is ever turned away!

We also have a support group for the hard of hearing where several individuals can sit down, share their experiences and provide support and problem solving solutions. This is also a good place to vent or share our frustrations together.

For those interested or are cochlear implant recipients, we have a support group for you too! We have presenters who come in and give talks on a variety of topics such as Aural Rehabilitation, the differences between 3 CI manufacturers, music appreciation and many more.

If you do not live in the Bay Area, look for a counselor who is a licensed MFT or LCSW or is supervised by those who are licensed. They also should check and find out if their specialty is in mental health, rehabilitation and in the deaf and hard of hearing population. Also, be sure to find out how they communicate with the deaf or hard of hearing.



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