Back to School! Changes and Growth at the Center’s Preschool

It’s been a summer of growth and change for the renamed Chatterbugs Preschool here at the Hearing and Speech Center! With the addition of a new classroom, new teacher, and new name, we are incredibly excited to watch our preschool become a leader in early childhood education. The new name, Chatterbugs Preschool, was created by […]

Importance of Regular Hearing Tests

Hearing loss affects one out of three adults ages 65 or older. Hearing impairment develops gradually that many aren’t aware of a problem until it has advanced beyond a treatable stage. This can be avoided…

Brain Fitness & Hearing Loss

Recent studies have shown a link between hearing loss and dementia. Patients with moderate to severe hearing loss are most at risk for developing degenerative cognitive disorders. A study to look at the effects of Brain Fitness software was conducted on participants with a wide range of hearing abilities, the results were impressive.

Auditory System Deprivation and Its Long-Term Effects

When it comes to maintaining the auditory system, we lose it if we don’t use it; just as the muscles in our bodies become sore when we exercise after a period of doing nothing. The auditory system has a hard time getting back into shape, especially if your patient has gone a long time without treating their hearing loss and they suddenly decide to wear hearing devices.

Protect Your Hearing This Summer

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy. But outdoor activities can lead to noise-induced hearing loss if you are not careful. People of all ages should take extra precautions to protect their hearing during the summer months. When the weather is warm, our natural inclination is to go outside. Many popular summer activities can be […]

HEAR U: Aural Rehabilitation

The ART of Hearing: Communication Strategies Training Join us for HEAR U, a series of classes provided by Audiologists at the Hearing and Speech Center. Even with a well-fit hearing aid, commination can still present a problem for many hard of hearing individuals. We strongly encourage you to come to HEAR U for information about […]

Happiness from Hearing Aids

Many scientific studies in the past have confirmed the negative impacts associated with hearing loss: depression, anxiety and social isolation. There are positive impacts associated with hearing solutions, as well. A study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) supplies overwhelming data about how much of a difference hearing devices can make. The study surveyed […]

Journey to Hearing: Stories of Giving Back

Hearing & Speech Center of Northern California’s latest video, featured at our annual gala this spring, showcases three of our employees whose personal experiences with hearing loss inspired them to work at the Center to help others in need. Dorothea Tolliver was diagnosed with hearing loss at a young age. She came to the Center […]

Thank You for Supporting our 4th Annual Gala!

We held our 4th annual gala, A New Century of Hearing Healthcare, at the St. Francis Yacht Club on May 11th. It was a great success! Because of our generous supporters, we exceeded our fundraising goals, and raised $160,000! These funds will go towards our excellent audiology, speech therapy, education, and counseling programs. For many […]

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